Data Dissemination

CDM is a mechanism for sharing the data available in the Ministry with the stakeholders and public at large for creating transparency and efficiency in governance as well as facilitating informed decision making in light of guidelines of the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP). The Union Cabinet approved the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy – 2012 (NDSAP-2012) on 9 February 2012. The objective of the policy is to enable general public to access Government owned shareable data and information in both human readable and machine readable format in a proactive manner.

"Data" to "Decision":

CDM has provided a new window to MCA for Data driven decision making. It has provided a Data warehouse and Business Intelligence enabled environment to the MCA officials for data mining and information discovery. Users can extract information from multiple data sources at the same time carrying all historical linkages and references and analyze it for determining predictive trends in Corporate Compliance

Sharing of Data & CDM as Single Source of Truth

Ministry has implemented the modern data management approach which also provides the transparency and reliability benefits to the officials while extracting information for field work. The ministry intends to establish the data dissemination framework of MCA as per the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP) – 2012 for which a separate Data Dissemination Portal has been envisaged to be launched soon

Data Dissemination channels