About Corporate Data Management (CDM)

The Corporate Data Management (CDM) Portal has been developed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) as an in-house Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Unit. The Ministry has successfully implemented the CDM system as it’s own data warehousing facility which has streamlined the effective utilization of data for more than a decade old data repository of MCA comprising the data of entire Indian Corporate Sector. MCA is now set to launch its informative data portal to the public showcasing the information and facts about Corporate Sector.

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Companies Registered with MCA: An Overview

With the continuous reforms and policy initiatives undertaken by the government Indian corporate sector has reached at a remarkable place wherein there are more than 22 lakh companies registered with MCA as on date and the numbers are increasing every single day. Out of the above number, presently around 14.41 Lakh companies are active and doing business in India. The percentage of inactive companies has decreased and constitutes 36.29% of the total number of companies registered in India. Of which,4.40% of companies are in the process of strike off or liquidation and 0.29% companies are carrying the status of Dormant Company.


India is a large and diverse country with 29 States and 8 Union territories. So, it is important to look at the State wise trajectories giving us close look on how the companies are spread across the country. Maharashtra, Delhi and West Bengal consists of 44.37% of active registered Companies. Top 10 States includes Uttar Pradesh (7.4%), Karnataka (6.8%), Tamil Nadu (6.6%), Telangana (5.7%), Gujarat (5.4%), Haryana (3.4%) and Rajasthan (3.2%). Also, newly formed union territory Leh & Ladakh has registered 61 companies till date.

State/UT No. of Active Companies
Andaman & Nicobar 432
Andhra Pradesh 25779
Arunachal Pradesh 422
Assam 10389
Bihar 33311
Chandigarh 7914
Chattisgarh 9907
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 478
Daman and Diu 267
Delhi 225149
Goa 5043
Gujarat 77401
Haryana 48834
Himachal Pradesh 4655
Jammu & Kashmir 4752
Jharkhand 14093
Karnataka 97839
Kerala 44032
Lakshadweep 20
Leh and Ladakh 61
Madhya Pradesh 31662
Maharashtra 277812
Manipur 1195
Meghalaya 683
Mizoram 181
Nagaland 377
Orissa 21905
Pondicherry 1566
Punjab 20406
Rajasthan 46630
Sikkim 2
Tamil Nadu 94777
Telangana 81704
Tripura 744
Uttar Pradesh 106134
Uttarakhand 8555
West Bengal 136712
Grand Total 1441823


Business Service, Manufacturing and Trading Activities comprises majority of companies contributing to Indian Economy. Business Services is the most popular sector among private companies with 4.39 Lakh active companies being indulged in this sector. Manufacturing and Trading sector are preferred sector among public companies.

Economic Activity No. of Companies
Private Public
Agriculture and Allied Activities 54482 2300
Manufacturing 274474 17665
Construction 111591 4147
Electricity, Gas & Water companies 14334 1701
Mining & Quarrying 12226 710
Business Services 439818 9811
Trading 178382 5649
Real Estate and Renting 72394 2635
Community, personal & Social Services 116696 4132
Finance 40979 17162
Transport, storage and Communications 44016 1482
Insurance 1187 140
Others 11453 2257
Grand Total 1372032 69791

About 13% of companies are working in Real Estate activities including construction. Companies with the object of Community, personal & Social Services are also rising which contribute around 8% of the total companies.


Listed vs. Unlisted No. of Companies
Listed 6772
Unlisted 1435051
Total 1441823


Govt. vs. Non-Govt. No. of Companies
Government 2175
Non-Government 1439648
Total 1441823


Authorised capital as defined in Companies Act’2013 is the capital which is authorised by the memorandum of a company to be the maximum amount of share capital of the company. Authorized capital of the company shows the company’s limit to issue shares and reflects company’s future growth plans.

Economic Activity Authorized Capital (in Cr.)
Private Public
Agriculture and Allied Activities 31082.50 36918.06
Manufacturing 754619.27 1247768.78
Construction 227533.10 431874.58
Electricity, Gas & Water companies 257261.37 1353483.92
Mining & Quarrying 47994.91 104463.42
Business Services 598427.38 1180771.14
Trading 306406.66 135306.39
Real Estate and Renting 132407.09 59205.90
Community, personal & Social Services 116744.28 167208.95
Finance 231741.23 522950.72
Transport, storage and Communications 186332.46 320607.15
Insurance 1880.90 66693.67
Others 48895.54 166777.79
Grand Total 2941326.69 5794030.47

Public Sector contribute 66% of total authorised capital of Corporate Sector. Manufacturing Companies have the highest authorised share capital followed by Business Services. It is interesting to note that Electricity, Gas & Water companies which are 1% of the total companies contribute 18% of total authorised capital of Corporate Sector. Total authorised capital of private sector is majorly contributed by Manufacturing, Business Services and Trading Sector. In case of Public Companies, the contribution is made by Electricity Sector, Manufacturing and Business Services.

Corporate Status

As on 30th November 2021


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Total RoCs


Active Companies

DISTRIBUTION OF COMPANIES WITH RESPECT TO THEIR LIABILITY Number of companies shared according to its liability

The Indian Company Law provides 3 different classifications of company on the basis of liability: Company Limited by Shares, Company Limited by Guarantee (with or without share capital) and Unlimited Company.

The company limited by shares means a company having the liability of its members limited to amount unpaid on the shares held by them. This segment consists of majority of companies. Company limited by guarantee means a company having the liability of its members limited to amount undertaken by members to contribute to the assets of the company in the event of its being wound up. There are 9078 active Companies limited by guarantee. Company not having any limit on the liability of its members are known as unlimited company. Presently, there are 308 Companies with Unlimited liability.